Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Pit

My 3 older boys have been bickering alot lately. This morning I read the story of Joseph and his brothers to them. Joseph's brothers hated him and threw him into a pit and then sold him as a slave. I explained to my 3 older sons that when they bicker with one another, they are throwing each other into a pit. My boys now have a new task! If they throw their brother into a pit, they MUST figure out how to get him out of that pit. The only acceptable way to get their brother out of the pit is to serve him! My boys, although still bickering, are now more aware of their bickering and are also serving each other!!! :)


  1. That's a really great idea! We do that sort of, but without that concrete story to back it up. I'll have to read that to my boys...

  2. That is a neat way to explain the damage that bickering does. Thanks for the practical tip. I just found this blog and love it. :)

  3. Thanks, Angie! We're kind of off to a slow start, but hope to have lots of great posts to come. :) Hope you'll stick around.