Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fight It!

So I'm the first to admit...

I LOVE to shop. I love Shopping Day, AKA Black Friday. I love the Christmas Bustle at the mall.

But one thing I have been learning lately is that the spirit of constant thanksgiving keeps me drawn close to the Lord.

Which is one reason I love Thanksgiving...
It is an entire day that people all across the country set aside to give thanks.
To stop and let our souls rest and think about all the many blessings our loving Father has given us. We don't deserve any of them, but He loves us so much and delights in blessing us, and this is the day we all stop to say thank you.
To express appreciation.
To revel in our contentment with the life He's provided.

And then the newspaper comes.
And out falls about 200 pages of stuff.
Stuff we "need."
Stuff that is "too good of a deal to pass up."
Stuff that, now that we've seen it, our lives will not be complete without.
Stuff that will throw us into debt. Will cloud our good judgment and make us believe that we should feel privileged to be "approved" for the payment plans, for the 0% interest, because look how much better our lives will be with all this new Stuff!

And all of a sudden, the day of giving thanks back to the Giver, becomes the day of discontent.
The fullness we feel in our hearts seeps slowly out, and in its place becomes a giant void.

I can't help but it a ploy of the enemy? This year, I am determined not to let it take over. My heart will be steadfastly focused on my Provider, and truly thankful for what He's given me. I will make the choice to be content.
To say thank you.
To tell my loving Father that He's a Good Dad, and that if He never gave me another thing, that everything He's already given me is more than enough.

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